The diet of eggs, the Perricone diet and … the diet of Queen Letizia?


A new diet with a name of its own was already jumping into the dietetic arena. Since the fall in disgrace (at least into oblivion) ​​of the previous one, the Dukan, it seemed that we felt orphaned of father and mother without a diet to which to attribute a paternity and, of course, to adopt in jubilant despair. It was late.

In all honesty, this diet, the new one, the Perricone (it reads “perricón”, read in normal plan sounds even worse) is not what you see a diet of slimming to use , but a way of eating to get a radiant appearance, a luminous complexion and an innocent look at the same time jovial as that of a milk baby . And of course, do not hesitate, with an own minutes in which certain foods are the protagonists and not others. Apparently in this dietary approach are essential eggs, salmon, red fruits and melon, but not any melon … in this one is the cantaloupe , so you understand, the weird in these latitudes, which is more insane than Iniesta selling ice cream … It goes that where a good melon from La Mancha in plan “piel de sapo” was going to tell Perricone what he could do with his cantaloupe.

The Queens’s Breakfast

Image result for eggsWell, but to what we were going. The case was to talk about this diet and why it has become famous . At least here in Spain has become known because some or a journalist shortcircuited to learn that apparently the Queen Dona Letizia breakfast egg , specifically (and I have not been able to find out if among other things) three clear and one yolk … and from there, with a somersault with triple pirouette, to attribute to Doña Letizia a diet with its own name: the aforementioned Perricone. This diet apparently includes this type of routine among its precepts to look lush / like August peach with pearly skin of fine morning dew .

And these things, whether they are the result of the journalistic imagination of some professional of the key or of the presumed consultation of experts that ABC shows (it would be nice to know the depth of those experts whose name they keep jealously torturingly ) are the ones that seem they are bringing to light the diet of yore … a diet that, as epitome of excellence, has people with a clear, logical and well-built head, wherever they may be as ambassadors: Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, Uma Thurman, Eva Mendes … abroad, and in the national panorama, Nati Abascal, Patricia Conde and Eugenia Silva. The truth is that it depends on the medium that you consult , that the list of these ambiguous ambassadors varies with not too much coincidence.

Breakfast three eggs and … zasca! they attribute a diet to you, a doctor, yes (we already know that all the doctors who put their names on their diets are respectable people) and hala … official ambassador! In this case also a Real ambassador , so that they do not fit too many doubts.

On the dietary particularities is not what I have come to know about this particular diet that I prefer that you are the one who consults on the web of origin . Anyway, I’ve already mentioned it; from less to more stand out: the salmon (or other fatty fish), the red fruits, the famous insipid melon and the eggs (at breakfast). But like any diet that deserves … as in all the diets of eggs , the thing does not end here . On the contrary, this only starts.

The real mother of the Perricone system lamb to present less wrinkles than Dorian Gray after a session of botox and Photoshop consists of … (I know you’re waiting for it) in buying the damned products that Perricone himself has been responsible for promoting!

Well yes friends, you see. It is not strictly weight loss but it is another diet with:

  • The famous criterion of authority of a “gentleman” doctor to grant him credibility (look that they have to be up to the very ones … the real doctors with this type of “companions”)
  • The famous string of supplements ad hoc (and especially expensive) to buy and in this case, rub them on the body (or take them) in addition to follow the boring and draconian dietary system.
  • The media making cartoons, palms and “stupendous” articles for the greater glory of undocumented charlatans but with a clear commercial vision.